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News March 2018!


We want to publish the information that we have signed a cooperation agreement with Innovation Skåne AB with the intention of trasferring the product, See90™ - the 90 degree vision angler, and / or variants thereof.


Innovation Skåne AB takes over all rights and is actively seeking new partners fore sale of products based on the innovation.


Please, don't hesitate to contact Innovation Skåne AB, Anders Östergren if you want information in the case.

anders.ostergren@innovationskane.com, tel. +46 705 469 479.


To order See90™ you can as erlier send e-mail to info@aakesson.com or call us.




See90™ is an optical appliance that you attach to your spectacles or your sunglasses. With the help of See90™ you can see down or up without bending your neck.

See90™ is for you that suffers from neck pain or shoulder pain, has a difficulty to bend your neck or are put in situations with bad body posturing. See90™ can for example be used for whiplash injury, arthrodesis, bedridden, neck pain or smartphone and pad neck.


See90™ is like a periscope, and the story about how See90™ were thought of you can read under Story.